Monday, January 24, 2011

Cruise pictures

So as you may know, Erika and I went on a belated honeymoon. We took a much needed vacation away from the cold of Utah to sunny Southern California for a cruise to Mexico. Let us see the pictures....

Erika in front of the Newport Temple. It is right beside my greeny ward building. It is not a cookie cutter temple, but not a larger one, but it sure is impressive looking.

Some kind Californian took our picture in front of the doors. You can't really see, but their is a remarkable wooden carving above the door.
Erika at the progressive fountain on the grounds.
Another kind Californian taking our picture
This is on the ship after dinner, our room steward left this concoction of towels on our bed. I thought it was cute.
"The Blowhole" in Mexico.
Us waiting for a show
another towel creation awaiting our return in our room
Me enjoying the hot tub all by myself. A candid shot showing my stoic demeanor. Now I see why everyone thinks I'm mad all the time.
Sunset at sea
My feet enjoying the hazy dusk
Erika wrapped up in a beach towel to stay warm
Sunrise at Long Beach
Erika at sunrise

Over looking Long Beach
after 3 nights of relaxing
breakfast outside where seagulls awaiting our uneaten food


Beverly @ The Buzz said...

So glad you had a good time. You caught some amazing photos. Hoping this respite gets you through the rest of the winter!

Miss Taylor said...

Love the captions!! So glad y'all got to go :)

gobyucougars said...

I was going to ask what you were so upset about in the hot tub... maybe it was that someone teased you about your white legs and orange sneakers? :O)

Lee said...

Look at you! All grown up with such a pretty wife. I'm glad you had a nice trip.