Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thoughts and Feelings

So mostly on this blog I just post events and pictures, maybe updates on our lives here in .... awkward pause, ummm....this place. However, tonight I am going to do something new and different and for those that know me, you may want to sit down. I want to share a goal, a feeling, a dream, of mine. I want to live on a boat. by the earlier blog you can see that I went on a cruise with my wife, but for those that really know me, you know I really enjoy the water. I love to water ski but I just love to be in the sun with the beauty that is around me. I used to take my jet ski out when I was younger and just float down the river because it was where I felt the happiest. The appeal comes from that and my love of adventure. It would be different from the normality of society which I do not like to conform. I like to go my own way and this way if I get tired of a place, I could travel very easily. I do see faults in this, especially now that I am married. Maybe one day, Pop. This could have been brought on by the fact it is 10 degrees outside.

On a side note, the current music on my rotation might surprise you. Any guesses?

Well, Better than Ezra is alway up there. All time fav, but I'm talking more of a current "flavor of the week" (sorry, not a hint - not American Hi-Fi)

-Keep guessing

It was Anberlin, I really like there new CD, especially Art of War.

-Give up?

Its Miranda Lambert's new one, Revelotion.

So that is all.


Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Like that song. Her favorite of mine is "Only Prettier".

gobyucougars said...

Interesting idea - Grandpa Bambas tried it and enjoyed it... for about a year. Hope you'll keep a home base so us less adverturous types will be able to keep up! Have to admit - never thought I'd see the day that Miranda Lambert (or any other country singer) showed up on your playlist!!! Must be the deep freeze messin' with your mind...