Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Little Weird

I love my father. I inherited several great qualities from him including my athleticism, and one I am proud of, the ability to grow facial hair. Sorry, Cam. Like my father, I can grow a rather attractive beard and it suits me. I usually stick with the goatee though. However in this place of Utah, facial hair is frowned upon and considered unholy so I have a job, in a warehouse, which forbids facial hair so I have to shave every day. I have always used an electric razor but when we went on our cruise, I picked up a free sample of a razor. I purchased some shaving gel some time ago to eventually try shaving. I have very coarse hair and by noon, have "5 o'clock shadow." I wanted to try a real blade but wasn't sure how it would work. Not like that, more time wise and if I could get all the hair. Today, I decided to shave after I showered this afternoon. I used way too much gel and went with the grain, but it seemed to do alright, though not much closer than the electric. It took me a little over 10 minutes to do so, which was what I was figuring. Too much time in the morning, but I think I will try it again. Or just move and grow back my goatee.

On to item number 2;
I have been slowly putting together a "72 hour kit" or "Bug out bag." I'm conflicted about the size so I have decided on 2. 3 if we include one for Erika. I want a small one for each of us and a large one with bags and a tent for more extreme situations. While researching online for suggestions on how to fulfill these bags, I found something Erika and I found rather interesting and useful. A survival Flash-drive. I started working on this so we can have all our documents in an emergency, considering a computer is available. I used one of my smaller flashdrives that has encryption but am off to a good start. Too bad its about time for bed tonight. Maybe I will actually sleep.


Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Dad says you can get a closer shave going against the grain, but you run the risk of cutting yourself more often. Or getting ingrown hairs. It's a pain, but at least you're not shaving your legs--now that's a pain!

Taylor Bambas said...

This is funny. Shaving advice for a 29 year old man. I agree about the facial hair - just 14 more months! Hang in there!!!